Classes follow school terms


  • 9 am and 7pm


  • 9am


  • 9am and 7pm


  • 6pm


  • 8am



Group Classes

We run classes with a maximum of five people per instructor. These classes are undertaken by our instructors Nick Bodycomb, Anna Lanyon and Sara Foord. These classes are run on a weekly basis throughout the school term. Our next set of classes commence on January 28th 2015. Individual Pilates Sessions We now run one on one Pilates sessions which can be booked for 30 minutes or 60 minutes and are tailored to your biomechanical requirements and specific goals.


Initial Assessment

Prior to commencing Pilates with Clovelly Road Physiotherapy an initial Pilates assessment is undertaken. The main objectives of this assessment are to ensure safe practice and to maximise the potential benefit experienced with Pilates classes and with independent practice at home. This takes 60 minutes and consists of the following:

  • Thorough assessment

  • Evaluation of goals

  • Assessment of pelvic floor, transversus abdominus and multifidus muscle function  using real time ultrasound

  • Explanation of the concept of whole body core stability

  • Teaching of basic Pilates principles, concepts and exercises



  • $40 per group class

  • Discount rate applies to full term purchase:

    • $350 upfront per term (10 group classes)

  • Private one on one pilates sessions are also available:

    • 30 min sessions: $80/class- discounted to $350 for upfront purchase of 5 sessions.

    • 60 min session: $120/class- discounted to $500 for upfront purchase of 5 sessions.